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Gel Substrate Allows Growers to Achieve Higher Yields with Minimal OpEx

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“Vertical farmers are looking at continuous improvement to gain economic and competitive advantage. HYPERroots substrate enables them to get more with less and to do so more predictably,” says Erik Caso, CEO and Chairman at Proterra Ag, Inc. “Farmers need consistent performance they can rely on and, in fact, plan around. They want to automate processes as much as possible …

Vertical Farm Daily

New Gel Grower Medium for Better Propagator Growth Announced

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Proterra Ag announces a new gel grow medium, HYPERroots™, which aims to enable propagators to achieve higher yields consistently with minimal OpEx. Testing in CEA and with conventional outdoor growers shows that, compared to other existing substrates, “HYPERroots reduce the amount of water required to grow food, and enable control and certainty about crop outcomes,” the team with Proterra Ag …