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A New Sustainable Substrate for CEA

Proterra Ag In the News

I recently chatted with Erik Caso, CEO and Chairman of a new company called Proterra Ag, about the company’s first product on the market: HYPERroots. First a bit about the company—it’s made up of biologists, chemists, engineers and, of course, farmers, whose focus is creating sustainable products and production methods for CEA growing, as well as floriculture and cannabis. Erik …

Vice President of Product Development

Proterra Ag Careers

In the words of Mark Bittman, “Everyone deserves food that is green, nutritious, affordable and fair”. Proterra Ag is a venture-backed AgTech startup working relentlessly to make this a reality for all people, everywhere. We’re seeking an experienced Vice President of Product Development to join us as we work to solve one of the biggest challenges facing humans worldwide – …

Vertical Farm Daily

Gel Substrate Allows Growers to Achieve Higher Yields with Minimal OpEx

Proterra Ag In the News

“Vertical farmers are looking at continuous improvement to gain economic and competitive advantage. HYPERroots substrate enables them to get more with less and to do so more predictably,” says Erik Caso, CEO and Chairman at Proterra Ag, Inc. “Farmers need consistent performance they can rely on and, in fact, plan around. They want to automate processes as much as possible …