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Announcing New Substrate Category for Propagation and Seed Plants

Proterra Ag™, Inc announces new product, HYPERroots™, a water-based, gel substrate that enables unprecedented control and certainty for crop outcomes, with dramatically less water and effort.

Los Angeles, Calif., October 12, 2021 - Today, Proterra Ag™, Inc. announces the world’s first and only sustainable, proven gel grow medium, HYPERroots™, enabling propagators to achieve higher yields consistently, with minimal OpEx. Testing in Controlled Environment Agriculture and with conventional outdoor growers shows that, compared to other existing substrates, HYPERroots radically reduce the amount of water required to grow food, and enables unprecedented control and certainty about crop outcomes, consistently and reliably, thus supporting automation and freeing time for growers to build their businesses. Recent studies illustrate how easy it is to consistently achieve the highest yields of viable clones in propagation from cuttings, without the use of rooting hormones, and seeds germinating 20-30% faster with increased uniformity compared to other substrates.

HYPERroots is ready to use and does not require preparation, a differentiator from most other grow mediums on the market today. The substrate is naturally pest and pathogen resistant, resulting in elimination of common pest such as fungus gnats, white flies, soil aphids and thrips, and has almost no watering requirements.

This firm hydrogel substance is composed of water (98%) and natural organic material (2%). It’s biodegradable, rapidly compostable, sourced sustainably, organic, vegan, and kosher (certifications pending).

Available in a variety of formats, sizes and nutrient formulations, HYPERroots also offers custom nutrient recipes and formats to meet customer specifications.

Currently available across the US, Canada and Mexico.


Proterra Ag™, Inc. exists to achieve the impossible in sustainable agriculture. Founded in 2021 in Los Angeles, California, they invent technology and market products that make growing food efficient, productive, profitable, and kind to the earth. HYPERroots™️ is the world’s first and only proven gel substrate, enabling higher yields, consistently, with minimal effort and fewer resources than other substrates. Thanks to our strong R&D core, we continue to develop industry-changing innovations.

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